How to apply

In order to do an Apprenticeship you need a job as well as a training provider or college. There are two ways of applying:

Contact employers with your CV to ask if they would be willing to take you on as an apprentice. If successful email us on [email protected] to involve us in your Apprenticeship journey.

You can apply for current Apprenticeship vacancies via our website here, contact us via email at [email protected] or call us on 0800 012 6656.

Once you have applied for an Apprenticeship with us, here are the next steps you will take:

  • Depending on your chosen vocation you may be required to take a Vocational Assessment.
  • Following this you will be invited into the Grimsby Institute for an assessment in English, Maths and ICT in order for us to find out your current working level. You will also be offered information, advice and guidance from the Learner Engagement Team around marketing yourself to prospective employers and ways in which you may make yourself more employable. After this you may be matched with any employer vacancy that the Learner Engagement Team would consider to be suitable. Please note this may not happen immediately.
  • You will then be interviewed by the employer and may be required to undergo a work trial. If this is successful and you and the employer are happy, you will hopefully be offered a start date.
  • An induction at the Grimsby Institute will be arranged to learn about basic Health and Safety as well as the rules and procedures for work-based Apprenticeships. The employer will also induct you into the job and will cover Health and Safety.
  • Depending on your Apprenticeship you may be required to come into the Grimsby Institute on day or block release or you may undertake your full qualification purely within the workplace.
  • Once your Apprenticeship has been completed and verified and/or you have been successful at end point assessment, you will be awarded your certificate.

Apprenticeship Vacancies