How to Apply/Guidance

Top tips

– Fill in as much as the application possible, try not to leave blank spaces. It’s important to answer all questions with as much detail as you can.

– Tailor your application to each vacancy you apply for. You may have seen that we have lots of live vacancies, and you may be interested in more than one position. Make sure you research each company you apply for; try to demonstrate the knowledge you’ve learnt within your application. This will make a stronger application, as it shows you have a keen interest and have taken the initiative to research the company.

– When listing a skill, make sure to include an example of where the skill has been demonstrated in a working environment wherever possible. Try and include any skills you may feel are desired in the role you are applying for.

– Grammar and spell check! Make sure to thoroughly review your application before submitting.

– Make it personal. Allow your personality to shine through and include any personal projects, activities or volunteering you have been involved in! Try and talk about any transferable skills you may have gained from these activities and demonstrate how you could apply them to the vacancy you are applying for.

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