Case Studies

Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service
Apprenticeship qualifications are fantastic to gain and have on your CV as they can be used in a vast amount of job roles and will give you that added extra quality over someone who has not obtained it.

I would recommend apprenticeships to anyone who is wanting to learn and train on the job whilst earning a wage.

Not only do you gain the qualification, but you gain valuable working experience that you cannot get from studying at home or in a classroom. Most employers will want to interview and employ someone who has X amount of experience on the job so apprenticeships give you the desired working experience.

I would recommend the Customer Service Level 3 Apprenticeship to people because it covers a wide range of topics to give the learner a good understanding and knowledge employers will find appealing. This qualification can also be used in many different industries and varied roles of employment.

I plan to go on to the new Business and Administration Level 4 and gain employment in a suitable role. My current qualifications in Business and Administration Levels 2 and 3, Customer service Level 2 and the additional Level 3 once completed, should help towards me gaining a good administration role which will hopefully lead to a future career where I can progress.

I enjoy doing an administration role and the customer service qualification compliments the business and administration qualification nicely. I completed my Level 2 in Customer Service many years ago and wanted to expand my existing knowledge to make my CV more desirable to future employment opportunities at a higher level. I want to progress in life and with a company and the qualifications will help to achieve that.

All parties involved are helpful. The Apprenticeship was easy to sign up for and begin with great support and advice. I have had my assessor Susan Connor throughout all 3 apprenticeships (nearly 6 years now!) and I cannot praise her enough. Great support with a wide range of knowledge and explains things in a way which can be understood and related too.

The program Smart Assessor is user friendly once you are into the swing of things and enables you to upload your work to the system ready to be assessed.