What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a work-based learning programme consisting of a series of structured qualifications that provides on and off-the-job training, allowing people to gain a qualification whilst earning a wage.

Apprenticeships  offer flexibility to both the apprentice and the employer, allowing them to develop a qualification that is business relevant over a 12 to 42 month period. We currently offer a variety of delivery models including wholly work place, day release and block release options.

Employers have the option to either recruit an apprentice through our unique Recruitment and Matching Service or to train current employees, developing their skills and knowledge through an Apprenticeship programme.

Grimsby Apprenticeships
Skegness Apprenticeships

What do we offer:

analysis and provision mapping

Full business needs analysis and provision mapping

Managed service

Managed service, including advice, guidance, levy calculations and the full account management of digital funds

Recruitment and matching service

Recruitment and matching service, including advertising vacancies, recruitment, screening and organising interviews and feedback

Pastoral and welfare support

Pastoral and welfare support for Apprentices

Industrially experienced work-based trainers

Industrially experienced work-based trainers and operational team

Full quality and continuous improvement strategy

Full quality and continuous improvement strategy, observations and sample audits

Grimsby Institutes Workforce Skills team provides a dedicated service to employers, offering advice and support to those looking to include an Apprenticeship programme within their business.

What does an employer need to do? What are my responsibilities?

  • Apprentices must be employed by you and have a contract of employment with the same T&Cs as other members of your workforce
  • Must be paid minimum of Apprenticeship NMW* and be paid for on and off the job training
  • Full induction to the role
  • Mentor or buddy
  • Paid holidays
  • Sick pay
  • Any other benefits or training you offer
  • 20% off-the-job planning and support

You will need to employ the apprentice for the minimum duration of the Apprenticeship this can be from 12 to 42 months dependant on the vocational discipline. You can’t usually make an apprentice redundant, this is because you have a contract to train them, please contact us if you would like to discuss this further, we might be able to help or visit

Being part of the TEC Partnership we have a wide variety of bolt on training programmes and services available for your apprentices. By choosing Workforce Skills you will be able to access supplementary products relevant to your sector.

*If you employ an apprentice on apprentice minimum wage, they must be enrolled on the first day of employment.

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